DJ Democracy

Create a compilation of music tracks that express your team's views

2 - 4 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
100 - 500


In DJ Democracy teams are given a topic, which they discuss along a set of guiding questions. Once their opinions have been established they brainstorm for music both funny and serious to come up with a compilation of tracks that will express their views in music. In pairs they then take one of the select tracks and find the exact segment that will get their message across since part of their brief is brevity! The team shares what they have discovered. They collaborate to build a meaningful story-line sequence of tracks that captures the essence of their views. The tracks can then be played in an awards ceremony or later in the day in an informal segment which after each teams tracks have been played leads into a dance party laughs and fun.

Learning Outcomes

In a relaxed informal environment and with the support of team members, individuals find the freedom to express themselves on a given topic. Topics can be on conference themes or elements of a company's vision and culture. Colour and humour is added to opinion through the medium of music. Memory recall and creative thinking are required to find the best tracks and compile them into a successful compilation of tracks that effectively communicates their message. DJ Democracy will appeal to all participants whatever their cultural background or musical tastes. Music and social interaction on a relax information level creates a common bond and lasting shared memories important to mental health and well being.

Related Testimonial

Some of the DJ sets were really funny even those on quite serious topics. Allowed management to take a step back and a more lighthearted approach to issues at hand. It was also a great way to loosen our people up and express themselves.

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