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AI Won't Replace Your Job, But AI-Savvy Professionals Will Thrive

Are you afraid that Artificial Intelligence will take over your job? Read how to make AI and ChatGPT work for you instead of against you. Read more

Top 5 outdoor events

Curious about outdoor team building activities? These are our top 5 outdoor activities. Read more

Use giving to activate your corporate culture

Read how to activate your corporate culture by giving. Not only do you ensure involvement among your employees, but it also makes the world a better place. Read more

Top 6 team building activities to practice Human Skills

In this article, you will discover the top 6 team building activities to develop Human Skills in a targeted way. Read more

Develop Human Skills within your organization.

In addition to hard skills, there is a special role for human skills. Read here how to develop this throughout the entire workforce through team building. Read more

Top 6 team building activities for strong company culture

In this blog, six activities contribute to creating a strong company culture and help you achieve your goals. Read more

Importance of Corporate Culture

What is corporate culture, why is it important, and how do you improve it? You can read it in this article. Read more

Top 5 Activities for Employee Engagement

In this article, I show five of the top 5 team building activities that can improve employee engagement. Read more

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a handy tool to bind employees to your company. You can read exactly what this is and how you increase employee engagement here. Read more

Team building trends in 2023 and beyond

What can we expect in terms of team building? Read the top 5 team building trends for 2023 in this article and what team building is exactly. Read more

Tips for retaining staff

In the current tight labour market, retaining staff is an important point of attention for many employers. That's how you handle it. Read more

3 biggest killers of corporate culture

Insufficient freedom, poor communication, and a double agenda: A good business activity (and the conversation that follows) brings results for your culture. Read more