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The top 3 outdoor activities of Catalyst team building

The top 3 outdoor activities of Catalyst team building Read more

The Catalyst Teambuilding model - Activate Culture

In this article, Alex ten Klei explores how team building activities can contribute to a strong company culture. Read more

The Catalyst Team Building Model - Practice Skills

Which skills are suitable for you to want to develop in your employees? Read more

The Catalyst Team Building Model: Connect and Engage

This article explores how to develop employees emotional commitment and engagement to your organisation and to its goals. Read more

The Catalyst Teambuilding Model

One of the key fundamental aspects of Catalyst Team Building is enjoyment. People need to be engaged and having fun for the learning to start. Read more

Influencing Work Happiness in your Team

These are the three aspects of happiness at work that you can influence from tomorrow Read more

3 Tips to Creating an Atmosphere of Connection

In this article we explore way to create an atmosphere of connection during meetings Read more

Conflict and Time Management

The principles of effective time management and how targeted activities to create connection can offset conflict. Read more

Real Connection - 3 Practical Tips

Three practically valuable tips: this is how you create a real connection between colleagues. Read more

3 smart tips to bind people to your company

Personal contact, team building and good employers increase business success Read more

Team building is business 3.0

Alex ten Klei explores the value of Team building, its more than just play. Read more

The benefits of working online are underexposed: a dissenting voice

Working online offers quite a few advantages: more vulnerability, working more efficiently and more concentration. How do you view that? Read more