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Gartner's 9 'Future of Work' trends

Discover the important aspects of Gartner's future of work and the trends for 2024. Read more

Connect with empathy, lead with compassion. How?!

How exactly do empathy and compassion differ from each other? And what steps do you take to lead with compassion? Read more

Improve your empathy with these 5 exercises

Go into depth about empathy and improve your empathic ability with 5 exercises Read more

Dinner the perfect time for Team Building

It’s time for the annual team-building day. Advice on choosing the most suitable activity. Read more

5 great ways to celebrate Christmas together

Discover 5 inspiring ways to strengthen team spirit and give meaning to the Christmas period. These are our top 5 activities for the holidays. Read more

Seven steps to cultivate workplace kindness

Kindness, a human skill that focuses on giving appreciation. But how exactly do you express that? Read here for the 7 steps to cultivate Kindness in the workplace. Read more

The mark of a great leader - the ability to inspire.

Catalyst CEO, Guy Baker shares his insights on great leaders - Integrity, accountability, clear communication and above all the ability to inspire. Read more

Top 3 activities for a growth mindset

Discover how to cultivate a growth mindset with our top 3 activities. Learn to deal with challenges resiliently and discover the growth potential. Read more

AI Won't Replace Your Job, But AI-Savvy Professionals Will Thrive

Are you afraid that Artificial Intelligence will take over your job? Read how to make AI and ChatGPT work for you instead of against you. Read more

Top 5 outdoor events

Curious about outdoor team building activities? These are our top 5 outdoor activities. Read more

Use giving to activate your corporate culture

Read how to activate your corporate culture by giving. Not only do you ensure involvement among your employees, but it also makes the world a better place. Read more

Top 6 team building activities to practice Human Skills

In this article, you will discover the top 6 team building activities to develop Human Skills in a targeted way. Read more