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Benefits of Online Team Building

Team Building for remote teams is proven to enhance growth mind set, bring a sense of belonging and engagement and increase skills important for remote teams to work together. Read more

Gamification and Serious Games make learning fun

Serious games and game-based learning use game elements to motivate employees or to make learning fun and more accessible. Read more

Why use a high-tech activity for a team building program?

Alex Ten Klei discussess how you can use high-tech for team building programs. What the benefits are and how you can use technology to develop your team's skills. Read more

Culture of inclusion, what is that and how do you achieve it?

Find out how you can further create a culture of inclusion in your organisation to increase employee retention and customer perception. Read more

How Leadership Team Building Impacts Employee Morale

Explore how our leadership team building activities can improve your team collaboration. Read more

What skills are required to be a great leader

Leadership is about motivating and equipping people to reach their full potential in achieving an overarching goal. Read more

​What are the three most essential skills of the future?

There are several lists of skills of the future but which three skills are so vital that they can make all the difference in the current knowledge economy? Read more

What are the 10 most wanted skills for the future

As the digital world grows, soft skills such as communication, problem-solving ability, collaboration and empathy are increasingly important. Read more

Make Your End of Year Party a Success

Careful forward planning for the festive season is the best way to minimise issues. Read more

Developing Effective Virtual Teams

Virtual teams benefit exponentially from getting together face-to-face and participating in experiential learning that model desired team behaviour. Read more

​Destress & refresh with mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation produces positive effects on psychological wellbeing that extend beyond the actual meditation. Read more

Wellbeing for healthier, happier, harmonious & productive teams

Physical, mental, financial, spiritual and emotional health are important to employee engagement, retention and performance. Read more