CSR Team Building Activities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a crucial role in modern businesses, emphasizing the impact of their activities on people, the environment and wider society and taking responsibility for this. We offer specific programs such as team building for charities. For example, our Give Backpack activity. During this activity, participants fill backpacks with essential supplies donated to the homeless. You immediately give something back to the community while having fun together. This approach to CSR team building demonstrates our commitment to our social responsibility. The activities below are designed so that giving is the foundation for the activity.

At Windshift CATALYST, we are proud of our partnership with B1G1, a social enterprise designed to support companies in making a structured and meaningful contribution by directly linking their regular business actions to global development initiatives. B1G1 facilitates a unique way for companies to integrate philanthropy into their business operations; with every customer purchase, the company contributes to a predetermined charity.

Through this collaboration we give every team building activity a CSR dimension. For example, this year we are supporting female entrepreneurs in Tanzania with business training for every participant who participates in one of our events.

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