Quickfire Soccer Online

Focus your team on agile strategy and teamwork

30 minutes - 1.5 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
8 - Unlimited


The Quickfire Soccer Online game matrix cleverly encourages remote engagement through the responsibility of the captain being passed from one player to the next between matches. Inclusivity is at the heart of this game; although football-themed, the eclectic mix of challenges are designed to appeal to all personalities. Teams go head-to-head during five ‘matches’ with seven different ‘tasks’ per match, all administered through our user-friendly quickfire app. Tasks range from fast-paced multiple choice quiz questions, collaborative photo shootouts and creative video performances. Players must stay agile, consider their strategy wisely, win points and push themselves to the top of their league before the final whistle!

Learning Outcomes

Quickfire Soccer Online is all about having fun, getting to know each other and creating ‘bonding’ moments that are often missing in the virtual workspace. A familiar theme and 'accessibility’ of the fun challenges combine to speed up remote connection and pave the way for more productive online meetings. Accepting the shared responsibility of playing 'team captain' allows players to practice remote leadership skills in a safe context. Quickfire Soccer Online also encourages teams to manage their own talent to the best advantage in the time available, offering a fun vehicle to explore productivity and agile methodology.

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