The Catalyst Team Building Model Whitepaper

The Catalyst Teambuilding Model shows how you can elevate a team building program from a reward to an investment in your staff.

Using the Catalyst Team Building Model, we also show how to use a team-building activity as a strategic tool.

The basis of every activity is Fun. It must be fun. We create an environment where you are open to practice and learning. You can then choose one or more areas where the focus is on activity. For example, it can precisely concern skills development, influencing connection and enthusiasm or (re) activating the culture.

This model helps to choose your focus, and it allows you to link a concrete goal to the activity so it will become an investment in future results.

In this Whitepaper, you will learn

  1. A different view on team building
  2. How to use Team building as an investment
  3. How to improve employee engagement
  4. How you can activate your company culture
  5. The importance of human skills

Team Building Model

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