Global Innovation Game

Generate new ideas to pitch and invest

45 minutes - 2 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
18 - Unlimited


Organise: Playing cards are dealt to each team, ensuring an even mix of Object, Tech & Data cards.
Innovate: Team members then choose a card of each colour and create either a Smart Object, Service or Tool.
Validate: Each Team picks the best idea from their table, and validate the chosen team idea and create a two-minute pitch which they will deliver to the room.
Pitch: All Teams pitch their idea to the room.
Invest: Teams then invest with our banker putting game money down on the idea they like most.

Learning Outcomes

Global Innovation Game has been developed out of a need to step away from everyday tech devices. Our millennial generation have inspired its creation.

Global Innovation Game brings it back to basics, gets everyone openly talking, innovating & creating ideas without the aid of search engines, PowerPoints & screens. Global Innovation Game is a fun and rewarding event that encourages creativity & rewards those who are most innovative.

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