Hoe zorg jij dat je collega's zich, ook online, kwetsbaar op durven te stellen?

Dare to be Vulnerable, even in Online Meetings

Published on 15 Feb 2022 by Alex ten Klei

If you participate in a meeting online, it is easier to keep aloof than face-to-face contact. You will also be less noticeable when you sit behind your camera and don't say anything during a meeting. At the same time, you also see that people sometimes feel more comfortable in their environment than in the busy open-plan office when they work from home. And that can lower the barrier to speaking out. It also appears that people who are not together in the same room move more freely than opposite that one colleague at the conference table. People indicate that they feel the other person's eyes are less focused on them so that it all goes a little more relaxed. That means there are plenty of opportunities to invite vulnerability. Also online. Right online.

Managers take the lead!

However, there is a straightforward task for the manager within this framework. Managers must have the skills to invite people to show vulnerability behind a screen. For example, if you know from your leadership role that certain people feel a bit insecure behind the camera, you can get them involved by using the right tools, such as intelligent team-building games, in that area. Some colleagues speak out clearly and would benefit from listening more. So that others also have the opportunity to state calmly how they think about a particular agenda item. Not everyone is just as communicative. And the quietest people often have the best ideas.

The Importance of Tone and Setting

In addition to their character, how people behave in online meetings also has a lot to do with the setting and tone. For example, most of our games are set up so that not everyone gets the same information during a specific activity. Everyone has a particular piece of information, and they have to work together to get to the end goal. In teams that work well together, space is made for all participants, where everyone is allowed to speak. We balance this collaboration during the games that you could use for this, and the people who constantly stir have to give space to those who do that less.

Tired of online but appreciate its benefits?

On the one hand, you notice that people are a bit tired of online shopping, and there is a need for face-to-face contact. On the other hand, you also see that online offers many advantages. And companies and their colleagues eagerly take advantage of that too. Logical: by combining the best of both worlds, synergy is created. And fun. And the latter is essential after the intense period that lies behind us.

Knowing more? Contact us. We are happy to think along with you without obligation to get the most out of your team in a natural, relaxed way.

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

Developing skills and mindsets with gamification and team building solutions.

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