10 Essential Skills for the Future

What are the 10 most wanted skills for the future

Published on 6 Jan 2020 by Alex ten Klei

The world is changing at a rapid pace, and sometimes it seems that computers and automation are going to take over from us. Fortunately, that is not the case yet. There is one thing that makes people different from computers: our humanity. The world is moving, and therefore it is not surprising that the skills needed to get a job change as well. These are the most critical skills you need in the future.

As the digital world grows, soft skills such as communication, problem-solving ability, collaboration and empathy are increasingly appreciated at the expense of specific technical knowledge.

More and more tasks are being automated, which will cause some jobs to disappear in whole or in part. The nature of the work shifts. What skills do you need to excel in the coming years? It is mainly social skills that are difficult to take over by computers and technology.

We have listed the most important ones that have emerged in various studies and articles such as ten vital skills of the future and 10 skills you need to survive the rise of automation.

1. Complex problem-solving power

Problem-solving ability is a skill that almost everyone can benefit. Problem-solving often involves how to deal with difficult or unexpected situations. The more the world changes, the more complex problems emerge.

To find solutions to the problems they are, you need to have the mental flexibility to think outside the frameworks and see the bigger picture. You need to be able to make connections to clarify the cause of the problem before you can search for solutions. It will take at least no g years for a computer to respond to complex issues in the same way as we people.


2. Working together

People can manage, motivate and delegate to make sure your company achieves the best results. That's a challenging skill, which many professionals miss. Over the next ten years, this property will be highly sought after, especially in the energy and media industry. Identifying the best people for the job is, therefore, an essential skill to have.

Besides, you will have to be able to work in a team and invest in team building. Especially with computers lurking, people crave humanity. In most forms of work with more than one employee, you can't get away from working in a team. Teamwork is always a little more complicated than just getting many tasks done with a group of people. The difference between a good and a bad team is how well they work together.

3. Critical thinking

Although we are very dependent on automated technology for some parts of our work, we have yet to rely on executive decisions for us. You will always have to analyse different situations, consider multiple solutions and make decisions through logic and reasoning. In other words, in the future workplace where we need to address major scientific problems, critical thinking is an essential skill.

Creative Thinking

4. Creativity

People develop thanks to creativity. A skill that robots and computers can never possess. They are created, in our opinion and can never add creativity. This means that in developing new technologies, more creativity is needed to find new ways to apply technology and create new products and services.

5. Coordinating with others

Robots and computers are fantastic because they take over tasks from us that aren't that exciting, but what they don't have is the fact that they coordinate with others. In the field of work, it is vital that you can work well together and communicate with your colleagues. You have to be able to play on them, and the next generations are real team players indispensable. A good team is also vital.

6. Emotional intelligence

Being able to live in the world around you and adapt to the environment of others is a vital skill. It's all about the ability to deal with other people's behaviour, to get your way through social complexity and personal decisions that produce a positive result. So if you want to make vital connections in the workplace, you will need emotional intelligence. Even in the future, you will have to deal with different personalities. And most astute workers know knows how to respond well to this.

Decision Making

7. Making judgements and decisions

Today, all business strategy is based on data analysis. This means that in the coming years, we need even more people who are adept in the analysis of data and making decisions. Fortunately, nowadays there are plenty of tools that help you understand and decipher these figures, so don't panic if you're not so strong in it yet. Make use of online tools to improve yourself in this.

8. Service orientation

A strong service orientation - or actively looking for ways to help people - means that we need to focus on consumers and anticipate what their future requirements will be. In other words, you need to think about what the customer needs and create solutions to their problems. That requires humanity, and it is this type of action that distinguishes us from computers.

9. Negotiation Skills

With robots infiltrating our workplace, social skills will be more critical than ever. Negotiating is something only we people can do - and do well. Some professions allow introverted people to withdraw their shield and step away from interpersonal skills. But people in technical positions are also expected to negotiate with customers, colleagues and managers. You'll always have to deal with people, whatever function you have. That's why it's good to invest in your negotiation skills, and you'll repeat the rewards in years to come.

Cognitive Flexibility in Beat the Box

10. Cognitive flexibility

Cognitive flexibility is the ability to think about multiple concepts at once. In today's fast world, we're used to juggling with wearing numerous hats and multitasking. But according to The Future of Jobs, a report by the World Economic Forum that has questioned more than 350 executives around the world, a higher level of cognitive skills is required – this includes creativity, problem sensitivity and logical reasoning.

Human qualities can never be replaced by computers, which is why it is essential to invest in mutual relationships. With the right skills, you become more efficient, and you get a boost to meet your career goals. And, what's more, they help you stand out and keep your head fresh.

What skills are you going to focus on in 2020?

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

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