Weet jij wat je nodig hebt in de chaos van online activiteiten voor je team?

Choosing the right activity for your team

Published on 16 Jun 2021 by Alex ten Klei

Thinking up something nice for your team might not be that difficult, even if it takes place online. A pub quiz or an online bingo is often put together. But what do you choose if you want to go for more depth? For example, because you want to create more connection in your team after the intensive corona period? Because that is sorely needed by many companies today. People have been behind screens for ages and missed the coffee room conversations. The meetings that were there were soon about the content and not so much about making contact. How do you find the right activity for your team from the wide range? How do you deal with that now that physically not everything is possible yet, but you don't want to wait for everyone to meet? An online activity can then be a great start. Also for companies with an international character whose colleagues cannot 'just' meet each other.

Start with a goal

What you often see is that the first step is often skipped. And that is that, from your role as an HR colleague, you really start looking at what you want the yield of a team building activity to be for colleagues and therefore the company. That is also the first question I ask when I receive an application: what do you want to achieve with the activity you are organising? If that's the final piece after a long day, a quiz or bingo online might be fine. But if you want more than just fun, the story changes. People often want to reconnect with colleagues. My advice is therefore to discuss the goal with a number of colleagues from different levels of the organization.

Online connection: is that possible?

Then of course the question arises to what extent you can connect by using an online activity for your colleagues. Because we all know that tired feeling after a day full of Teams meetings. My answer is very clear: yes, you can. Because the average Teams meeting consists of status updates and the exchange of information. An online team building activity for your team means playfully practising skills that you also need in your daily work. Teambuilding thus becomes an investment in the participants and contributes to the objective of the meeting, congress or conference. On our website you will find several examples of team building activities and information about skills that effective teams have. Through the customer stories you can read how others have experienced our activities. We contribute positively to the culture of a company through effective games, business games and gamification. Our game forms motivate, inspire and challenge participants so that team building is not only a reward, but also an investment in effective teams and therefore in future results. By making contact with each other in this way, a new connection is created. And that is a fantastic fact at a time when keeping a distance and hybrid working methods have predominated.

About the Network

The Catalyst network is the largest of its kind. The more than 40 affiliated team building organizations are active together in more than 70 countries. This gives us access to an unprecedented amount of knowledge and an extensive portfolio of more than 140 different team building concepts. There is no other way than that there is a concept for you. We would be very happy to discuss it further with you. If you are interested, please contact us on 023 8449260 or send a message to info@catalystteambuilding.nl.

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

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