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Published on 13 Oct 2022 by Alex ten Klei

In our previous blog, we wrote about the importance of working on human skills within your organization. You may have noticed the article and have already actively started working on this topic. Or you have postponed it because your working day is already so full. Understandable, but we still hope you start with this important topic because it will do your entire organization good.

From targeted leadership to development for everyone

Many companies have leadership programs to develop top talent within their organization; when offered to only a minority of employees, this can signal to the other workers the importance of developing leadership skills. Such a program should be offered so everyone feels valued and can increase their skills.

More job satisfaction, lower absenteeism

Companies that offer all their employees leadership programs experience increased knowledge and experience lower absenteeism, greater job satisfaction, less turnover and higher productivity. One of the ways to let everyone in the organization develop is by tackling human skills. When you do this well, people experience more self-confidence within a role, they dare to make mistakes, and there is more openness and synergy. You achieve this by organizing targeted team-building activities in which you learn to develop human skills in a safe environment further.

At Catalyst Netherlands, we have been fascinated by learning for over 16 years. In particular, learning through play. The current economy demands constant self-improvement. There is a requirement to have greater skills, and the skills of the future will differ from what is needed today to perform your job well. Are you curious how we can further help you and your colleague in this area? Please view our website or contact us directly. There is, at least as far as we are concerned, nothing more beautiful than development and growth. What do you think of these topics?

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

Developing skills and mindsets with gamification and team building solutions.

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