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Booking a Live Event for Your Team

Published on 30 Jun 2021 by Alex ten Klei

Finally, it's time: we are going to relax and live activities are possible again. And that still gives a different energy to each other than just being in contact online. Until more than a year ago, it was always so self-evident that you would also do an activity with your colleagues once in a while or during a meeting of several days. I think we are all aware by now of how special that self-evident is.

Consciously choose the right event

And now that it is possible to go back to 'the past', it is good to consciously choose an activity that suits the group. After all, there is a huge choice of team building programs for a live event. But how do you know which event suits your team best? Of course, it should be cosy and relaxed, but looking at what you want to achieve with it is just as important. So think carefully about which skills currently add value to you as a team. And choose a program that reflects these skills. You then practice these skills in a relaxed and safe setting.

Competition or collaboration?

It is also good to realize that many activities include a certain degree of competition. Competition can be very beneficial and often brings out the best in people. The only question is whether that is the best choice at the moment. I would go more for connection and with each other instead of against each other. This is because we have functioned remotely 'on our own for such a long time. A team-building program that focuses on collaboration can be an excellent way to emphasize that you are one team. A team where you all work towards that dot on the horizon. In that case, you could opt for an activity where you work together with all teams on one result. Because if you go for a competition, you always have a winner and a loser. And is that the best choice at the moment? So look especially at the learning results: when was the event successful for you and your team?

Three great activities in a row

Below you will find 3 activities that may fit well with the wishes and objectives of your team.

1.The Big Picture

It's important to take a step back now and then and look at the 'big picture', especially when looking at an organization and the way its people operate and communicate internally. In The Big Picture, the importance of teamwork, collaboration and communication is enhanced by painting an artistic masterpiece of truly epic proportions. Before the activity, our graphic designers will work with you to create a work of art that reflects your goals, values, mission and vision. Inspiring by its size, and with a spectacular unveiling, The Big Picture is truly a golden moment for any company to celebrate a shared vision and engage with its employees. Continue reading

2.Beat the Box

In Beat the Box, teamwork and a shared mindset are essential for success. Participants combine their different skills for tackling problems and developing creative solutions. The pressure is intense and sometimes teams will doubt whether they will succeed, but a logical approach and self-confidence ensure success. A real teamwork test. During the activities, teams learn to work efficiently and effectively within a limited time frame. Beat the Box is a real teamwork exercise as in the final stages of the game the teams have to work together and bundle their clues to find the right code. Continue reading

3.Bridging The Divide

Bridging the Divide is a challenging and engaging team-building exercise where each team is both supplier and customer. The end goal is full collaboration and success requires ongoing customer relationship management and understanding the knock-on effects of communication. With limited time and resources, teams use smart project management to succeed. A fun, engaging, hands-on event with very powerful metaphors. It emphasizes the importance of cross-functional collaboration to achieve a common goal. Continue reading

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Do you want to know more about it? Or just sparring to see which activity suits your organization best? Please contact us. We like to think along with you. And... we wish you a fantastic summer anyway!

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

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