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Top 5 outdoor events

Published on 16 May 2023 by Alex ten Klei

Do you ever take a walk with your colleagues during lunch? You probably know how wonderful it is to go outside during your work in the spring to sniff some fresh air. While you doubt whether you need a jacket, a warm spring sun finishes it off completely.

A walk in the open air often leads to different conversations than you have inside the office. The environment inspires and makes room for connection and connection.

You can also use that effect of being outdoors together during a team building activity. It reinforces and accelerates the ideal safe and playful environment we want to create so that participants are open to new experiences and learning.

This is our top 5 outdoor activities

Number 1: Go Team

An ideal way to experience a city or location is during our Go Team program. Teams go out with a tablet and backpack along all pre-set virtual checkpoints. They can arrange these checkpoints so the Go Team becomes a playful journey along your core values.

Number 2: Flat out Formula 1

Build and race your own Formula 1 car. Each team is given the challenging assignment to build a complete Formula 1 car based on basic materials and several construction drawings—an ideal exercise in project management. Afterwards, a race is held to crown the most efficient team.

Number 3: Quickfire

A terrace or outdoor area with tables and chairs is ideal for our Quickfire activity. Each team can use a tablet to choose all kinds of original, creative, mental and active assignments to score as many points as possible.

Number 4: ibuild

How do you convey your message to someone as effectively as possible, and do you ensure that what you want to say gets across? You will discover that during ibuild. The goal is to build a scale model as accurately as possible within your team. We have only put up several communication barriers you must face as a team. You will undoubtedly gain new insights about communicating more efficiently in your organization or department.

Number 5: Go Team Go Give

Go Give is similar to Go Team. You also go out with a tablet to carry out assignments. All these assignments are only directly linked to a good cause. For every assignment you complete along the way, a donation is made to a specific project. This can vary from donating a meal or planting a tree to providing clean drinking water. So you give as you play.

There are many reasons to go out together in the open air and simultaneously invest in your company's human capital. These activities are not just for fun; they invest in future results. Would you like to know more? Contact us for a no-obligation conversation.

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

Developing skills and mindsets with gamification and team building solutions.

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