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3 smart tips to bind people to your company

Published on 3 Apr 2022 by Alex ten Klei

Of course, it's nice to curl up behind your laptop at home with a hot cup of coffee. There are no traffic jams, no colleagues to disturb you, and do your work efficiently. Yet we all know how important it is to meet your colleagues physically on a regular basis. Because that really gets things going. Also from the employer's side, you probably want to meet your people back in the office on a regular basis. After all, you are careful with your people and for the first time, we are dealing with such a tight labour market that there are more vacancies than job seekers. Moreover, it looks like this trend is here to stay. In this blog, we, therefore, share three smart tips to positively bind people to your company.

1. Personal contact increases business success: use that knowledge consciously

In addition to sharing knowledge in which you discuss task-related information, collaboration is also about sharing personal information. Employees who have an empathetic relationship with each other want to put in more effort for the other. This lowering of the threshold is created by making live contact, the so-called coffee room conversations. The atmosphere and the feeling that arises there are almost impossible to achieve online. When people start to share personal things about themselves, a bond is formed that continues to strengthen. That sounds logical and you probably knew this, but becoming aware of this again and creating this contact is perhaps the most important message of the new hybrid way of working together. It looks like we will continue to work partly in the office and partly from home and the physical office environment will become a kind of social meeting place. Pay attention to this open door about live contact, and get to work with it. If you miss this chance to properly arrange hybrid works now, you will be presented with the unwanted bill at a later time.

2. Use team-building as a strategic tool

When companies use team building as a strategic tool, it not only increases the quality of the mutual cooperation, but also the success of the company. That's how it works: team building is a social meeting moment. This could give the impression that this is especially pleasant. That is often true, but it is much more. Team building is about developing your team, increasing the problem-solving capacity of your people and about deepening cooperation. It is a time when you can practice skills in a safe way. When people feel familiar enough within the group, they dare to be vulnerable. And once you have reached that stage together, you will also see this reflected in the workplace. For example, when mistakes are made, people do not hide, but they indicate that they find certain things difficult. And only then, when that atmosphere is anchored in your culture, can you really get better together. Just think about the most successful companies you know: the employee and the working atmosphere are definitely number one. How do they manage that?

3. Good employers retain people

What we are currently experiencing in our organization is that many companies contact us because they are looking for solutions to physically bring people together on an ad hoc basis. There is nothing wrong with that because we understand very well that you have to start somewhere after this long corona period in which more distance has arisen between colleagues and the company. However, once that first meeting is over, focus on practising skills and use strategically thought-out training to help your people develop. A game, preferably without a competitive element, undoubtedly contributes to this.

Finally this

When you have shared values within your organization and everyone knows and feels them, then a strong bond is created. Perhaps people also leave because they no longer feel comfortable within the culture. But that's fine, honestly. Our core message is? Go in-depth and work on developing your team.

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

Developing skills and mindsets with gamification and team building solutions.

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