These are the top 3 of live team building for Christmas

Top 3 live team building for Christmas

Published on 17 Nov 2022 by Alex ten Klei

A Christmas gathering is an annual event for every company. And perhaps even an annual highlight for many. In recent years this could only take place online, but luckily it looks very different this year and live Christmas gatherings are possible again. Time for a double celebration!

The top 3 activities for your Christmas gathering

Below we provide an overview of the top 3 activities ideal for your team or organization around Christmas. The chosen activities are in the Christmas spirit with special Christmas assignments (Quickfire Festive), they have a message that focuses on working together (Beat the Box), or involves donating to charities (Impact).

Beat the Box Rescue Santa

Beat the Box has been our most popular program for years. It is played in over 80 countries worldwide and is a success everywhere. This is partly due to the different types of assignments, making it possible for different people to take the lead. But it's also certainly (spoiler alert!) because of the twist halfway through: it's not a competition against each other, but you have to work together. That is, of course, a very powerful message around Christmas. This special festive edition of Beat the Box works the same, only this edition has been specially adapted to the theme of Christmas.

Quickfire Festive

Quickfire is an activity in which participants themselves choose which assignments they want to (or can) carry out. There are three categories of commands; active, creative and mental. We have adopted all assignments for the festive edition to this time of year. It's full of surprising assignments where you need props that suit this time of year. In part of the assignments, the teams take photos via a tablet that we show immediately after the program ends. Hilarity guaranteed!


The UN's Sustainable Development Goals are not yet well known to the general public. And it really should. The SDGs have been agreed upon by countries that are members of the UN, and these are 17 goals to make the world a better place in 2030. Using a tablet, participants choose all kinds of assignments about the SDGs. At the same time, every assignment is linked to a good cause. By playing the game, you, as a team, immediately make a donation available for a project that is linked to an SDG. The activity ends with a brainstorming session in which participants think together about what they can do concretely as a team or organization to contribute to the SDGs.

Appropriate for the time of year

All three of these activities are appropriate for the time of year and are just more than an outing around Christmas. These are the advantages of combining the Christmas gathering with a team building activity:

  1. It creates a bond between the participants and the organization.
  2. It's not just about food and drink.
  3. Participants get to know each other well in a game environment.
  4. You have an original end-of-the-year.

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