Team Building Outdoors in the Netherlands

The top 3 outdoor activities of Catalyst team building

Published on 7 Sep 2022 by Alex ten Klei

After the summer holidays, the weather will be nice for just a few months, where you can enjoy an activity in the open air. In this blog, we list our top 3. Would you like to know more about it or have a consultation without obligation? Please get in touch with us. We look forward to your message.

The Top Three

1. Go Team

Go Team is our platform on which we make GPS games; the activities are run on tablets. On the tablet, you will find a map with icons. At each checkpoint, you will receive a question or assignment to perform with your Team. The assignments are divided into Active, Creative and Mental, but what we do more and more for our customers is a custom game. The categories are the core values of the organization. In this way, all assignments are based on core values. It is an ideal way to draw attention to them again and have the participants actively engage with the core values. After a Go Team game, we have the award ceremony and show the photos and videos the teams have taken along the way. Find out more.

2. Flat Out Formula 1

Flat Out Formula 1 is an activity where you get to work with your project skills. You have a clear goal and limited time and resources to complete the project. Each team builds a Formula 1 car from cardboard. A challenging program that everyone can fully immerse themselves in. After the cars are built, everyone gets ready for the race. Find out more

3. ibuild

Ibuild is a communication game that you can play both indoors and outdoors. Everyone has a role during ibuild, and you are supposed to act from your role. That's hard enough, and we've also established a few communication barriers. During this activity, you will gain insight into effective communication and how your message can come across differently to the other party. By working together, you and your team achieve the desired result. Find out more

Alternatives in bad weather

Of course, you never know how the weather will go in the Netherlands. But if the weather is bad, we always have an alternative to continuing the program. If it turns out that there will be rain 2 to 3 days in advance, we will contact you. For example, a popular indoor program is beat the box, a game that begins with a mysterious video message in which a strange voice challenges the participants. Each team gets a metal box. Inside are a number of locked suitcases, each containing a mystery that must be unravelled. In the background, a clock is ticking, counting down the minutes. Find out more

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