Creating an atmosphere of connection

3 Tips to Creating an Atmosphere of Connection

Published on 25 May 2022 by Alex ten Klei

In a previous blog, Real Connection - 3 Practical Tips, we explored ways to create a real connection between colleagues. We mainly referred to real contact throughout the working day in that blog. In this blog, we continue our discussion on real connections and explore how to create an atmosphere of connection during meetings. Here are 3 practical tips to ensure people feel comfortable in creating deep connections. We give you 3 tips that will help you achieve this.

The 3 Tips

1. Build an atmosphere of trust

The most important thing is that you 'must' continuously work on the mutual atmosphere within your company. After all, people function best when there is a certain degree of trust, and only then will you achieve that colleagues dare to be vulnerable. And it would be best if you had that to create an atmosphere in which people dare to make mistakes and ask for help.

There is always work to be done in this area. But: as an employer, you cannot do this alone. It also requires a certain openness from the employee. And you can only achieve that openness if people dare to show themselves. Incidentally, that is easier for some than for others: it has to do with the personality type you have in you. Some people express themselves easily. And some people have to put in a little more effort to show themselves. When the latter individual works closely with a colleague who opens up very quickly, this can even be experienced as threatening because this extroverted behaviour can take an introvert outside their comfort zone. But, we all know what happens outside that comfort zone: that's where the magic happens.

Whatever the case may be: now and then, step out of the day's issues, stop putting out fires and look around you. Who do you work with? How is your immediate colleague feeling? What role can you play to make contact more pleasant? Or to further deepen or maintain the friendly contact that exists? By looking at your team in this way, you get more connections, and you naturally take each other into account. And that brings us to tip 2.

2. Become Aware

This tip builds on tip 1. This tip is about awareness. For example, about realizing that there are different people. And about learning that this is okay. After all, everyone looks at the match through their visor. And that, in combination with your personality, makes you behave in a certain way. Introverted, extroverted, a complicated childhood, an accessible study career, and challenging life events such as illness or loss in young adulthood contribute to who you are today. Therefore, take each other into account and be aware that most people mean well even if they seem a bit clumsy now and then.

Relationships are essential, and a strong workforce in which people feel committed to each other is a valuable asset to any organization. Knowing Me Knowing You helps build common ground between individuals, paving the way for sharing information and best practices, inevitably leading to better outcomes.

3. Ensure you have a lot of contact

It's a well-known phrase: everything you give attention to grows. Therefore, during both online and physical meetings, do not limit yourself to factual status updates and set aside time and attention for individual conversations. In such a conversation, that introverted coworker might be a speech bubble when he talks about his marathon preparation in his spare time. Or about his family, his unexpectedly adventurous trips or something similar. Dare to ask what it is like at someone's home. Give space. Connect. And listen. Really listen.

It sounds so logical

You may think it all sounds very logical when you think about it. And it also makes sense. But are you doing it? It is so tempting not to do it at this time when we are slowly flying and running again. Do you remember? How nice that rest during corona time, despite all the misery, was sometimes? Cherish that peace. And hold that because it is possible. As long as you think it's essential to each other.

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