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Catalyst Netherlands links games to SDGs

Published on 27 Sep 2021

Companies always need activities that improve the internal atmosphere and performance. They know this all too well at Catalyst Netherlands, as a specialist in team-building activities based on gamification. Over the past year, this company, also known as Windshift, has mainly provided many online games for large and small teams. Now that live gatherings are again possible, this increases the options. 'Whether you want to work live, online or hybrid, we always have a good solution', says chief play officer Alex ten Klei.

'We are very flexible in the implementation. The team building programs are booked in advance, but if you want to switch from live to online shortly before the start, you can do that, Alex says. He is referring to changing circumstances that the organization of a team activity may have to deal with. The choice between an online or live game is often made on practical grounds. Catalyst Netherlands asks a crucial question for customers. Alex: 'What do you want to achieve with the activity? We are happy to discuss this first. If it is clear what the purpose of a meeting is, we can indicate which game fits in with this. No client has a clear picture of this in advance. Sometimes it's just time for the annual team outing. But you can get a lot of value from a team activity.

If the goal is, for example, to create a connection or stimulate collaboration, then we can offer various programs with demonstrably achievable results. To prepare this as well as possible, we prefer to be involved in the internal organizational process of the customer at an early stage.'

A focus on team activities

In recent years, many customers of Catalyst Nederland have organised team activities at least once a year. Alex sees that frequency go up. 'This period full measures has resulted in everyone meeting online. We have been in step to develop various online games that can be easily fitted into communication and HR processes. Due to the approachability of online, we now see an opportunity to make more use of the value of this type of activity. We often look at a combination of a live meeting and multiple online sessions. Hybrid team activities are also available, combining a live team activity with an online team activity. The starting point is always the central goal: what do you want to achieve with the team; what results or skills do you want to see improved? You can use various activities for this in different forms and at multiple times of the year. We are working on a subscription form that makes it easy for companies to use our offer efficiently and flexibly.'

Sustainable Development Goals

Catalyst Nederland constantly orients itself to the wishes of the business community and adjusts the game offer accordingly. Aspects that play a growing role in this area, among other things, social development, and sustainability. Alex: 'An example of a new game that fits in perfectly with this is Impact Online. This is a team-building activity that was developed as an online game and focuses on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Examples of these goals are poverty reduction, clean and affordable energy and good education. Participants are given a series of tasks that are linked to some goals. This activity creates awareness among participants and at the same time they contribute to areal-life SDG project with their play. In the end, each participant receives a certificate that states what the result is. For example, that 100 children in India will have access to education. We can also offer a tailor-made activity such as this, for example with a live session as part. We always organise the most suitable meeting for each team.'

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