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Be Nice!

Published on 28 Oct 2022 by Alex ten Klei

It sounds so logical: being nice to each other. However, this can sometimes be a challenge when objectives have to be achieved, the workload is high, and uncertainty is sometimes great. Being nice provides your organization with a lot, such as a safe working environment. For example, being nice can be a conscious choice when someone makes mistakes. If you react differently than the colleague in question initially expected, it can turn out very positively.

Agree to disagree

If you structurally communicate this way, the emphasis is not on the mistake but on what happened and how you can prevent it together the next time. Being able to do this well requires a safe environment in which people dare to speak out and in which they dare to be vulnerable. You could say that being nice is the best way to build bridges between people who don't agree but respect each other's points of view. Agree to disagree, you might say.

Sometimes you come across stories worth sharing. Because they inspire, move or sparkle with enthusiasm.

From a positive work atmosphere to positive company culture

Being nice within your organization actively contributes to a positive working atmosphere. And a positive working atmosphere results in a positive corporate culture. And that can ultimately lead to people staying connected to your organization longer because they are less likely to switch to a competing organization. Customers also notice immediately when someone feels good about themselves and likes to do their job. And you achieve that by being nice to each other and giving your employees sufficient attention. This article by noted entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck, commonly known as Gary Vee, looks at terms like empathy and kindness. He talks about instilling confidence, the importance of speed, setting the right expectations and more. Interesting cost as far as we're concerned! Do you want to spar or get to work within your organization? Please get in touch with us.

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