De voordelen van online werken onderbelicht: een tegengeluid

The benefits of working online are underexposed: a dissenting voice

Published on 2 Mar 2022 by Alex ten Klei

Of course, you sometimes get tired of all-day Zoom meetings where you always look into a webcam. Humans are not made to sit still. And yet that is what we do en masse, at least during working hours. However, there are also many advantages when you talk about online collaboration.

Being vulnerable is easier online

First, many people find it easier to be vulnerable online than in real life. The presence of the screen between the two people can sometimes give just the distance needed to be vulnerable. And while you look the other in the eye, you are looking at a webcam, which makes it all just a little less intense.

Online can be more efficient

Secondly, in some cases, online meetings can be run more efficiently than in physical form. This applies particularly to meetings where information goes from A to B, i.e. task-oriented meetings. This is more difficult for brainstorming sessions with more creative content. You can be online, primarily if you work with people from different cities or countries, but that is not necessarily preferred. However, it saves a lot of travel time. You notice that in sectors where the car was first taken as standard. For example, consider the construction industry.

Everything at hand and therefore sharper

Third, online meetings make it easier to access the documents you need. This is different in a physical meeting because not everyone is always ready with a laptop. Not only does it make meetings more effective, it also keeps the participants involved sharper because they can take immediate action. And because it is known that this can be expected at any time, passive participation is not an option.

Nice environment: more concentration and productivity

Fourthly, the environment in which you work also plays a role. By working from a place where you feel comfortable, such as from home, you can concentrate better and be more productive. Not only can you do more meetings in a day, but you can also keep your attention for longer. For example, because you walk through the woods with your dog between appointments or bake an egg in your kitchen. If that works within your range of tasks, you can also open the laptop again in the evening to make up for that missed hour of the day, for example, because of the nice weather. Research has also shown that people often prefer hybrid working, i.e. a healthy combination of working from home or office.

Point of attention: hold the connection

At the same time, we also hear from employers that it is more challenging to maintain the connection with each other due to working remotely. And we can imagine that. Because even though working online offers many advantages, it is still necessary to look each other in the eye. Not only does this strengthen the bond, but you also naturally share other things than purely work-related. The activities that we offer from our organization are without exception aimed at making connections. Each team building activity has its angle. Depending on what you are looking for as a company, we will use the right team building activity, business game or another event.

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