Hoe houd ik onze mensen aangehaakt, ook straks in het najaar?

How to engage your people even in autumn

Published on 28 Jul 2021 by Alex ten Klei

How do I keep our people involved? That remains a challenge now that a considerable number of the coffee conversations have been lost due to working online. Of course, we also go to the office more often where we see each other in person. But hybrid working has made its way into the way we achieve results as a team. And that requires some effort from your efforts as a manager, employer or HR employee...

It starts with awareness

Like so many big and small changes, it starts with awareness. Awareness that something is needed to bring your team together again. After months of kitchen table sessions, occasional appointments at the workplace and casual consultations here and there, it is time for connection. But then really. You may have already looked online at the various activities. But you don't know what to choose from the huge range.

Make it simple

So make your wish practical and simple: what do you want to achieve with the team? Link? NS? A learning effect? Just like you know, other companies are almost continuously looking for ways to grow. For ways to outsmart the competition, for new products and markets. But especially to a team that knows cohesion. And whatever your organizational goals, to achieve these goals you need motivated staff who communicate effectively, have an open attitude, a growth mindset and form a close-knit team. At Catalyst Netherlands we have been fascinated by learning for over 16 years. And especially learning through play. In the current economy, you are constantly developing yourself. A lot will be asked of you, and the future skills will be different from what is needed today to perform your job well. We contribute positively to the culture of a company through effective games, business games and gamification. Our game forms motivate, inspire, and challenge participants so that team building is a reward and an investment in effective teams and, therefore, in future results. That's why Catalyst team building is the largest team building network of its kind, delivering the very best team building programs to the highest quality standards worldwide.

This is what it looks like in practice

There are plenty of beautiful words to describe services. We especially believe in a real story like that of the Tunivisions Group that combined business with excitement and fun during The Infinite Loop. Or the fun that burst from the game day in Brazil with Bot Creations, a team building game in which teams design and assemble a robot. To be successful, the robot must have specific characteristics and be able to achieve certain goals in a final against the robots of other teams. But there are many more.Look here for an impression.

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Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

Developing skills and mindsets with gamification and team building solutions.

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