Top 6 teambuilding activiteiten voor Human Skills

Top 6 team building activities to practice Human Skills

Published on 13 Apr 2023 by Alex ten Klei

You need human skills to deal with colleagues, customers and relations.

In a previous article, we wrote about the importance of developing Human Skills within your organization. In this article, I would like to show which activities you can use to use a team building activity as an instrument and to develop targeted skills.

There are many lists of Human Skills, such as the ten most important skills of the future, and Soft skills do not exist: Human Skills do. For the overview below, we use the five skills to flourish in the future digital workplace of Harvard Business.

A team building activity provides a playful and safe environment where people show their natural behaviour without being judged directly. It is, therefore, rightly a place where you can practice.

In addition, an extensive debrief, in which participants reflect on their behaviour and others' behaviour, can provide that little bit extra to bridge the gap with practice. This way, you ensure that the best practices from the game are taken to the workplace.

How do you ensure your next team building program is about Human Skills?

  • Step 1: Which skills are important in your organization, and do you want to develop them (further)?
  • Step 2: Choose two skills you want to emphasize.
  • Step 3: Find an activity that reflects these skills
  • Step 4: Match the debriefing to the skills so that you embed best practices in employees.

Would you like to brainstorm about this? Please let us know. We are always ready for a bit of non-binding advice. Click here to contact us.

Alex ten Klei

Chief Play Officer

Developing skills and mindsets with gamification and team building solutions.

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