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Why use a high-tech activity for a team building program?

Published on 28 Feb 2020 by Alex ten Klei

Technology plays a significant role in our daily lives. Technology is increasingly being used at home and at work to make it easier for us. Smart devices are on the rise and robots are being used for various tasks such as cleaning, security and entertainment. In the work environment, data is collected everywhere to respond to customer needs in the right way. There are also more and more high-tech devices that support us. Robots, VR, AR and computers are being prepared to take over tasks from us. Whether we see it as an opportunity or as a threat, the trend is unstoppable. In this article, we will discuss how you can use high-tech for team building programs. What the benefits are and how you can use technology to train skills.

Become familiar with technology

A teambuilding program ensures a safe and playful environment outside the standard working environment. As a result, a teambuilding activity is an ideal situation in which to try new things. By coming into contact with technology during a game form, the pressure of the workplace is removed. It makes it easier for participants to experiment and to take more risk.

High-tech as a challenge to communication

You have to deal with many barriers in your daily work. Indeed, in a diverse workplace the differences are substantial, and you have obstacles in terms of language, knowledge, age, time zones and even geographically if employees work together in different countries. A teambuilding game with VR headsets, for example, adds a new and visible barrier. The real world and the virtual world. If it is a good VR game, then you must work with your entire team to move forward in the game. The only way to do this well is to collaborate with the other team member with empathy. How teams deal with this during the team building game is almost always the same as the communication barriers they encounter in the workplace. A debrief session shows how employees deal with this and how they deal with frustration and miscommunication. The safe and playful environment provides the necessary light approach and makes it easier to exchange ideas about this.

High-tech is a useful tool for gamification.

With gamification, game elements are applied in a non-game environment. This is possible, for example, by adding a reward when fulfilling tasks. A setting where information or knowledge is transferred is a typical non-game environment. It isn't straightforward to hold attention and to check whether the information has been transmitted correctly. Technology makes it possible, for example, to add an instant quiz to an information meeting. You can participate individually or per team, and via a tablet, the questions are pushed to the participants at the right time. It is a playful way to test whether the participants have remembered the information and a fun way to add competition with a final score and reward for the fast and winning teams.

High-tech to demonstrate the need for human connection

Some people view technological developments as a threat. Such people are concerned that robots and artificial intelligence (AI) will take over tasks and jobs from us. It is more likely that the way we work will change. If you respond to the skills of the future on time, you can also take advantage of this. When participating in a team building game which utilizes robots, their limitations are immediately apparent. Whats more, participants quickly realize the differences between robots. Our unique human qualities are needed to be able to build and control a robot together. Human interaction makes the difference here. It makes no sense to compete with the robots, but a focus on the differences and what makes us different shows where the opportunities for the future lie.

The best high-tech team building games

1. The Infinite Loop. In this VR game, you get 12 challenges that you have to solve with your team. The first one takes about 20 minutes and the last 2 to 3 minutes. This game shows that you will work more efficiently as a team with the help of empathy.

2. Robot Revolution. Teams make robots and learn to control them via a tablet on a self-made race track. All facets of robots and robotics are covered.

3. Go Engage. A platform with which meetings can be made interactive by directly testing whether the information has been transmitted correctly. The form of play ensures competition and involvement of the participants.

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